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Professional Website Design

Welcome to my website, my name is Robert Sheppard BA(Hons) and I have been doing website design Cambridge since 2002. I studied web design on my Graphic Design degree in Cambridge and loved the format so much that I have been building websites freelance eversince. I am now based in Ely but lived and worked in Cambridge as a freelance website designer for approx. 15 years. I now happily travel the short distance into Cambridge to assist clients old and new with their websites.

I design simple websites for small to medium sized businesses. I also organise website hosting, register domain names and perform general website updates. I also design and build more advanced websites featuring Content Management Systems and E-Commerce and can provide any bespoke programming requirements.

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Responsive Website Design

'Responsive' website design has become very important in the field of web development. With the huge influence mobile phone and tablet technology has had on the internet, websites have become obliged to be designed so they work perfectly on screens of all dimensions. It use to be the case that you would have a separate 'mobile only' website geared towards portable devices. But these days it is possible to cater for all resolutions with just the one 'responsive' website.

By programming in a series of special CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) functions the website first checks how much room it has to expand and then distributes the content of the page accordingly making use of literally every pixel available.

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Domain Name, Hosting & Email

Some clients are quite happy setting-up their own website hosting, registering domain names and configuring email accounts and only come to me for the actual website development. However it can be a time consuming process selecting the right registrar; choosing appropriate hosting and configuring email accounts. I am therefore quite happy to arrange these aspects on your behalf and include these services as part of your website package. Please visit my website hosting page for further details or contact me to discuss your website requirements.